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Starting a business is easy but the challenge is to make it work. We help you by equipping you with as much knowledge and tools as possible on the issues you may face in making it work. 

Let’s Build A Successful Business

Starting a business is easy but the challenge is to make it work. We help you by equipping you with as much knowledge and tools as possible on the issues you may face in making it work. 

Zergonbiz is one of the top digital marketing and legal consulting companies in Delhi NCR. Zergonbiz boasts about its expertise in the field of digital marketing and legal consulting which shall help accelerate the growth of businesses in all domains. The one-stop-shop solution provider gives businesses the best of both worlds.  The vigour of the young minds working at Zergonbiz makes it one of the best digital marketing agencies in Delhi NCR and the best legal service provider to startups in India. After analyzing your needs and requirements, we specially curate our services for you to build your strong virtual presence and an unforgettable brand. We specialize in social media marketing, SEO, PPC, content marketing, design & build services, startup fundraising, business plan consulting, and corporate legal services. 


Marketing Services

  • A2Z Digital Marketing Services
  • SEO, PPC
  • Online Marketing Services
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital training and learning services- Digitalearner

Startup Consulting Services

  • Legal Consulting- Powered by- Bizlegal.in
  • Business Plan consulting
  • Startup Fundraising
  • Virtual CFO
  • Taxation Advisory
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • HR/Labour Law Consulting

Website & Apps Development

  • Static Website Development 
  • E-commerce Website Development 
  • Mobile Apps 
  • Web Apps
  • SaaS Apps
  • Edtech Apps 
  • Fintech & More. 
Digital Marketing Strategy for Businesses
For Startups/ SMEs at Pre- Ideation or Ideation stage :

You have the idea but don’t know how to take the plunge. You are ready to start your business but you think something is amiss. You don’t know how to approach our target audience or the investors.You don’t know how to safeguard your interests.

We can help:
  • Business Model Validation
  • Market Research
  • Drafting a Business Plan
  • Pitch Deck
  • Buyer Persona Identification and Discovery
  • Business Registration
  • Startup India registration
  • Brand Creation
  • Website Development
  • Positioning and Messaging with brand content and collateral
Digital Marketing Strategy for Businesses
For Startups/ SMEs at Product- Market Fit Stage :

You have successfully identified your target customer and you have identified the right product, but what after that ? After achieving product market fit, the next step is to scale by finding more customers within your target market.

We can help:
  • 360-degree digital marketing
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Brand Building
  •  Fund Raising
  •  Co-Founders’ relationship governance
  •  Vendor diligence
  •  Legal Contract drafting and reviewing
  • Payroll Building
  •  ESOP Planning
Digital Marketing Strategy for Businesses
For Startups/SMEs which are Scalable :

You know how intense the competition is when it comes to ventures and their ability to succeed. And then there’s also the consideration of the economic climate, which, more often than not, further adds to the challenge of attaining success for startups and SMEs, no matter what industry or market they may have forayed into.

We can help:
  • Financial Advisory
  • Tax Planning
  • Human Resource Advisory
  • Growth Marketing
  • Sales and Marketing Training
Digital Marketing Strategy for Businesses
For MNCs and Established organizations :

We live in rapidly changing times, especially for businesses. Consider that, in a single generation, businesses have had to adapt to entirely new marketing channels (web and social), decide how to invest in and utilise new technologies, and compete on a global stage — things that were barely imaginable to our parents’ and grandparents’ generations. One side effect of these rapid changes and growth is that no single CEO — or any employee, for that matter.

We can help:
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Market Planning
  • Market Research (Primary & Secondary)
  • Feasibility Study
  • Exit Planning
  • Re-invention product-market research
  • Risk Management
  • Capital Restructuring
  • ESOP Strategy
  • CSR Planning and Management
  • Legal & Taxation Planning/Advisory
  • Coaching & Mentoring of Team Members
  • M&A Advisory
  • Dilution Strategy
  • Valuation

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